Thursday, January 1, 2009

An open letter about Megan and her blog

Dear Reader,

Hi and welcome to Love, Megan. So, who am I? I’m an actress, a filmmaker, an artist, a teacher, a writer, a vegetarian and so much more.
  • The Actress: I’ve been acting since I was a kid. I’ve had years of training, both formal and “on-the-job.” I’ve worked on stage and on camera in both scripted and improvised productions. To me, acting is the best form of therapy around. To be a truly good actor, one has to attempt to understand not only themselves, but those around them. I think this makes actors stronger and more vulnerable than other artists.
  • The Filmmaker: I studied film in college. I love movies. Let me repeat that- I LOVE movies. Not just great films, either. I love everything- crappy romantic comedies, cheesy tear-jerkers, mysteries, indies, animation… I think there is a little bit of awesome in every kind of movie. The stories I like to tell are just as varied. I’ve made bizarre head trip kind of films, comedies, dramas, even a horror movie. I don’t have a type. If the story moves me, I want to tell it.
  • The Artist: This is a catch-all category. I love to create things. I love to be inspired. It may be something as simple as putting together a fabulous outfit or decorating a room. It might be painting something on canvas or in pixels. It might be taking photographs or coloring. I’m an artist and I love to create.
  • The Teacher: I was raised by teachers and now I teach. I work in corporate training/adult education (I get to do a lot of creative, artistic things, but ultimately my job is in training) and I teach Acting classes to children and adults. Part of being a great teacher is being a great student and I haven’t stopped learning.
  • The Writer: I write how-to videos, I write procedural documents, I write movie scripts, poems and blog posts. Writing is a deceptively simple art form.
  • The Vegetarian: Let’s say the Vegetarian in training. I no longer eat beef, pork, chicken or turkey. I haven’t had an egg or milk in ages. I do eat cheese and fish occasionally… mostly because I can’t seem to bring myself to give up Sushi. It’s a work in progress.
Now, what should you expect from this blog? Well, the open letter idea came from joking around. Whenever I’d have an issue with something or find something I really liked, I’d say, “Dear So-so.” This was inevitably followed by a short compliment or compliant and ended with “Love, Megan.” I wanted to blog for a long time but felt I needed a focus. This seemed like a perfect fit. Open letters make so much more sense when they’re written anyway, right?

Other than the loose open letter theme, there is no theme. I’ll write about whatever pops into my head. The letters may be written or in video or photos (thus negating the sentence “Open letters make so much more sense when they’re written anyway,” but whatever). I hope you enjoy.

Love, Megan

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  1. hii.. i was just watching you on an interview and you said that you stayed in your house cuz you dont like people and you dont go out much.. that was funny..and the truth is im the same way and just because you dont go out alot they look at you weird..the truth is i like watching movies and sometimes you do have fun by yourself...also justin timberlake is cute...ohh yea my name is leslie by the way sorry i didnt say that sooner and im 17 well it was nice talkin to you