Monday, November 30, 2009

An open letter to NaBloWriMo, again.

Dear NaBloWriMo,

I DID IT!!! Today is November 30th and I have officially blogged for every day of November. I definitely had fun, but blogging every day is not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes I just didn't have a good idea, but I still wrote the post- Even if I thought it was kinda lame. Some posts I had wanted to write for a long time and some popped in to my head at the last minute. Some posts I wrote early in the day or days in advance and some I wrote as the minutes counted down to midnight. But, I made it- 30 days and 30 blog posts.

I know that I will not keep blogging EVERY day after this, but I'll definitely blog more frequently (probably only when I ACTUALLY have something to say). Like most things in life, blogs need attention to thrive, writing needs attention to improve. I've started my habit and now I'll have to keep it up.

Congratulations to everyone else who completed NaBloWriMo!

Love, Megan


  1. Hi found your blog by searching for snowpics on twitter. I know that sounds sad but you gotta understand living over here in England we dont get much snow haha!

    Anyway just thought you might like to know someone has read your blog and being a blogger too i was impressed with the blogging all of Nov... But had to giggle at the fact you have not blogged anything this month!

    So greetings from over the pond, and Merry Christmas in advance.


  2. Andi, thanks for dropping by the blog! I had no idea England didn't get much snow... But I don't think it's weird to search for snow pictures. It can be really pretty! :)

    It is totally rediculous that I haven't blogged once since November... But I must admit, I'm blocked. I got nothing to say right now. But I'm sure something will come to me. :)

    Merry Christmas, to you, too!

  3. No, little old England really does not get much snow at all...
    Maybe a couple of days over the winter. Scotland gets more but only on the higher ground.

    It's lucky really because no one knows how to drive in it anyway! The whole place comes to a stand still, after only a couple of inches lol...

    Aww i'm sure you will think of somthing to blog about soon? I mean, my comedy letter to Santa was in part inspired by your open letter ;)


  4. hahahhaah

    nablowrimo just sounds dirty

    i tried nanowrimo... and failed...sad times